Think Thrice Before Getting A Pet

Think Thrice Before Getting A Pet


              Are you googling “Puppy For Sale”, “Puppy Seller” or “Cat or Dog Breeder” to get yourself a puppy or kitten as pet right now? One moment please, why do you want to get a pet at the first place? Because they are fluffy, cuddly and cute? Well, we can’t deny that this is normally what we thought as first reason as who can resist a toy poodle puppy that resembles a tiny teddy bear!

            If that’s your only reason to own a pet because they are adorable at puppy or kitten stage, do think twice because you need to accept the fact that they will eventually grow up and become mature. Despite your lovely puppy and kitten growing up healthily is a good thing, but some people just feeling “disappointed” that their pet is no longer the mini fluffy ball like they used to be, the expenses doubled because they eat more and requires regular grooming etc. This is the stage where some of these “disappointed” owners intend to find a new home for their pet.          

            Before you look for dog breeders or hanging around pet shops in Malaysia, do think thrice can you handle the responsibility of taking care of your pet for the rest of his life?

1)      Do you have the patience to train them to pee at the right place without being frustrated?

2)      Do you have the time to give them some precious attention and a short walk everyday?

3)      Are you willing to spend on his food and medical fees?

4)      Do your family members have any objections in getting a pet?

5)      Most importantly, whether you can ACCEPT THAT THEY WILL GROW UP EVENTUALLY?