About Us

Mypetslibrary serves as Asia’s 1st established professional platform featuring pets that connects top pet sellers and buyers across nationwide. Buyers who are ready to have a pet may look into Mypetslibrary to search for their preferred breed or getting advice from us.

As digital shopping trend is getting viral and common nowadays, the objective of Mypetslibrary establishment is to minimize the risk of fraud and to avoid both parties dealing with impostors which commonly encountered by the society today. Besides, buyers could be facing the issues such as dealing with irresponsible sellers where the pets sold are unhealthy, problematic or different quality as per promised etc, nevertheless these issues will be avoided when buyers scroll for their favourite pets in MyPetsLibrary platform. Each of the pets published here underwent quality control and data verified, our breeders and sellers have up to 3 years experiences in this pet industry and they are strictly verified by our professional team before joining into this platform. We serve the best to ensure passionate buyers meet responsible sellers where these lovely healthy pets able to find a forever loving home.

Our Mission

  • To protect both sellers and buyer’s interest.
  • To offer variety of pets and breeds.
  • To provide a sense of security and confidence by establishing fair and transparent pets trading across nationwide between buyers and sellers.
  • To ensure Mypetslibrary’s visitors able to bring their preferred breed and favourite pets home by facilitating their purchasing procedure dealing with reputable and verified breeders.
  • To connect with every single top and professional sellers nationwide to enhance their reputation and images in Mypetslibrary.

Our Vision

To become world leading and fastest-growing online pets store covering every category of pets.