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Common Gut Health Issues In Dogs


Gastrointestinal & gut health problems as well as other digestive disorders are not limited to us humans – your furry friend can have a funky tummy too! Diseases that affect the stomach are fairly common in dogs, which is why it’s important to know what are the symptoms to look out for. Here are the main causes of gastro problems in dogs, and please do take note your furry kid could not express like human, you need to pay attention on the signs that your dog is struggling with gut health issues.

Types Of Gastro Problems in Dogs 

If you suspect your dog has some form of gut issues, causes could be include eating something strange, food allergies or food intolerance, bacterial infections, viral infections, or a lack of digestive enzymes etc.


The most common gut health issues are as follows:

Acute Gastroenteritis 

Acute gastroenteritis refers to inflammation or infection of the gastrointestinal tract, with inflammation typically focused on the stomach and intestines, it’s usually a short term disease.


This can be caused by:

  • Had food that has gone bad

  • Had high-fat food typically for human consumption

  • Had toxic or poisonous plants

  • Food allergies or food intolerance

  • Swallowed foreign objects

  • Internal parasites

  • Stress


    Colitis refers to acute or chronic inflammation that attacks the colon. This condition is most common in dogs younger than five years old, and causes your dog to poo poo frequently, even though it is painful for them.


    Causes include:

    • A parasite known as whip-worm

    • Tumors or polyps (abnormal tissue growths)

    • Sudden change in food

    • Swallowing foreign objects


      Dog constipation is the same as human constipation! A constipated dog is unable, or at least finds it extremely difficult, to poo!


      Causes include:

      • Dehydration

      • Lack of exercise

      • Diet containing too little fiber

      • Had indigestible materials (bone, foreign objects, etc.)


        On the other hand, diarrhea is a condition where your dog has frequent and runny watery stool. This can lead to extreme dehydration and malnourished if left untreated.


        Common causes include:

        • Infections

        • Internal parasites

        • Stress

        • Sudden change in food

        • Had food that has gone bad

        • Had rich food meant for human consumption

        • Dysfunction of body organ


          Last but not least, pancreatitis is considered to be one of the most threatening dog gut health issues, one that absolutely threatens the health of your best friend.


          The pancreas is an important organ in the digestive process, releasing digestive enzymes that assist in the breakdown of food and other essential functions.


          In the event of pancreatitis, the pancreas releases enzymes that become activated immediately upon release, hence destroying the pancreas itself. This condition can be incredibly painful and life-threatening for dogs.

          Signs of Your Dog Is Facing Gut Health Issues

          Now that we’ve go through the potential causes of gastro problems in your dog, let’s see at how you can tell if your dog is experiencing discomfort.


          The most common signs of any tummy disorder are diarrhea  and soft stools. But you may also notice any combination of the following:

          • Vomiting

          • Dramatic change in appetite

          • Flatulence (Farting frequently)

          • Constipation

          • Whining during belly rub

          • Blood or mucus in the stool

          • Weight loss

            Care for Your Dog’s Gut Health

            Now that you’re aware of the 5 gastro problems, you shall remain alert for warning signs and continue to monitor your furry friend.


            Preventing gut health issues in canines begins with keeping them away from foods that may upset their stomach.


            However, extra healthcare is much needed. Prevention is better than cure. 


            Probiotics are one way to make sure your dog’s gut health stays in check. There are probiotic powders, chews, and even drops you can give your pet too, so you won’t have to struggle with pills. Check out on VETTACO - Gut Health Care Formula For Puppies & Dogs. The powder form goes well with your dog kibbles or cooked food. Furry friends love it and enhance their optimal gut health at the same time.


            Dog digestive issues are no joke, by taking the proper precautions, you help your dog live a long and happy life.