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Kaeravan Bengal


Bengal Kitten (Male) For Sale

: RM 5,000
: JULY2-BK-01
: Male
: 2 Months
: Medium
: Black Spotted Silver
: Yes
: Yes
: Yes (TICA)
: Yes
: Penang
: 11-Jul-22
: Gorgeous Purebred Pedigree Bengal Kittens Available! 🥰

Comes from a championship genetic bloodline in the US.

We provide an extremely comprehensive Kitten Starter Pack for all owners ,in order to help Kaeravan pawrents kickstart their beautiful journey of having a kitten that brings lots of love and joy! 🥰

This includes:
-3 vaccinations
-3 deworming
-Microchip & TICA Registration
-Health Certificate
-Kitten grooming/spa prior to collection day
-Detailed Kitten Care Guide

Free from the following genetic disease
- Bengal progressive retinal atrophy
- Erythrocytes pyruvate kinase deficiency
- Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Seller name

Kaeravan Bengal