[FREE Gifts FAST Ship] VETTACO Premium Multivitamin + Probiotic (24 sachets) 宠物益生菌 + 维他命 (Ready Stock) For Puppy + Dogs

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SUPER PROMOTION 超级优惠 [Ready Stock] Buy 1 Box get Free 1 Toy 🎁 Buy 2 Boxes get Free Premium 2in1 Feeder 1 Box Vettaco = 24 sachets 1 盒 Vettaco = 24包 Mix with food / goat milk / water to consume everyday PS: FREE TOYS RANDOMLY PICKED About Vettaco: Vettaco is an established brand of Multivitamins + Probiotics with Veterinary Formula from the US. It is specially formulated with natural ingredients based on the needs of puppies and adult dogs. Vettaco is a premium supplement that contain high quality Vitamins, Minerals and Probiotics for your pet's optimal health. Vettaco shall consume daily by pets with benefits as below ✅ Enhance Food Digestion ✅ Better Absorption of Nutrients & Vitamins ✅ Boost Immune System ✅ Improvement on Skin, Coat and Breath 💯 Pets in new environment / stress / illness / chronic gastrointestinal distress / diarrhea can consume Vettaco to ease their discomfort. Giving your pet Vettaco daily will benefits its body both internally and externally ❤️   关于 VETTACO: VETTACO 使用美国研发以及专业兽医配方为基础,生产了 VETTACO (维生素 + 益生菌) 知名品牌。 根据幼犬和成年犬的需要,VETTACO采用高科技和天然成分配制,为了提供宠物高品质的营养补充剂,以支持宠物的最佳身心健康。 VETTACO 含有优质的维生素、矿物质和益生菌,可为您的宠物提供最佳健康。更值得一提的是 VETTACO 即符合了国际测试标准,也通过了兽医局的认证。 宠物每天食用 VETTACO 的好处如下 ✅促进食物消化 ✅ 增强营养和维生素的吸收能力 ✅ 提高免疫系统 ✅ 改善皮肤毛发健康和口臭 💯 宠物在新环境 / 压力 / 体虚 / 肠胃不适 / 腹泻 的情况下都可以服用 VETTACO 缓解不适。 每天一包 Vettaco ,撒在狗饼上,泡水或参跟羊奶,对宠物身心内外都有益 ❤️

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