Puppy & Dog PARIE Premium Goat Milk Powder (500g) 宠物羊奶粉 (Ready Stock)

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About PARIE:

PARIE is an established brand of goat milk powder products from Netherland🇳🇱. It is specially formulated based on the needs of puppies, adult dogs, pregnant and lactating dogs. 

PARIE Goat Milk powder is a premium milk supplements that contains several of fortified nutrients such as, proteins calcium, taurine, DHA+ARA, zinc, copper, vitamins D&K etc.

PARIE 羊奶粉是进口来自🇳🇱Netherlands 。PARIE 是根据狗狗健康所需的营养特制而成,这奶粉非常适合幼犬,成犬和怀孕及哺乳期的狗进食。


Goat milk is pretty much closer than dog's mother milk and it is better torelated for being less allergenic. Properties of goat milk (smaller fat molecules, looser curd formation, and higher concentration of small chain fatty acids) allow puppies to be digested more quickly. 

Benefits of PARIE Goat Milk : 

~ Strengthen Immune System 

~Healthy Skin and Silky Coat

~Improve Learning Abilities 

~ Develop Firmer & Stronger Body

~Enhance Intelligence And Vision

~Help Puppies To Digest Better









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