Kitten & Cat PARIE Premium Goat Milk Powder 500g (Ready Stock)

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About PARIE Goat Milk Powder:  

PARIE's goat milk carries similarities as breastfeeding as it is tolerated for being less allergenic to cats. The properties of goat milk which comprises smaller fat molecules, looser curds formation and higher concentration of small chain fatty acids will enhance cat's digestion. 

We all know that cats like milk. Research shows that milk calms cats and gives them pleasure. Besides, cats need to consume sufficient nutrition to grow healthily. You can observe your cat's great improvement with PARIE Goat Milk : 

- Strengthen Immune System 

- Healthy Skin and Silky Coat

- Develop Stronger Bones and Proper Growth 

- Improve Brain Development and Learning Abilities  

- Enhance Clearer Vision 

- Better Digestion

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