Boarding & Grooming

Paws Day Pet House


73, Jalan Bukit Mayang Emas, PJU 1/28, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Daily Operation Hours:

Tuesday - Sunday : 10am – 7pm

Paws Day Pet House’s Overview:

- Home based pet house with business owner staying together with the pets.

- Providing award-winning grooming services, cageless boarding and day care, as well as providing customized pet care and solution according to individual condition. 

- Free roaming in cozy and spacious environment, with individual space during eating and sleeping time.

- Providing outdoor grass area for dog’s necessities.

- 4 front private parkings for easy loading.


Safety and Updates:

1. Day and night supervision by business owner.

2. ⁠Daily photo video updates during boarding and day care.

3. ⁠Monitored by 24 hour CCTV surveillance cameras for security purpose. 


Caring Environment:

- Offers a cozy and comfortable setting akin to a home away from home.

- ⁠Pets receive personalized attention and affection from experienced caregivers.

- ⁠Ample space for exercise, play, and relaxation.

- Any special needs or preferences of the pets are attentively accommodated.

Professional Grooming Services:

- Award-winning and experienced groomers for dogs & cats with premium grooming products.  

- ⁠Tailored grooming solutions to suit the pet’s skin, habits, and other conditions.

- ⁠Equipped with the latest grooming technology and hygienic tools, facilities are designed to ensure pet’s comfort and safety.


Comprehensive Grooming Offerings:

- Shower and blow dry

- ⁠Basic grooming: shower and blow dry, nail clipping, paw trim, ear hair plucking and cleaning, sanitary shaving, gland expression.

- Full grooming: basic grooming with styling

- Spa treatment

- Teeth scalling


Importance of Hygiene:

- Daily sanitization on surfaces, floors, outdoor grass area, and pet areas with trusted pet safe disinfectants.

- Pet waste is promptly disposed of in a hygienic manner to prevent odors and contamination.

- Performing pest control daily to eliminate ticks, fleas, mosquitos, and other pests. 

- Ensuring good airflow within the pet house to reduce the buildup of odors and maintain a fresh environment.

- Utilizing air purifiers to capture pet dander, pollen, and other airborne contaminants, improving air quality for both pets and humans.

- Automatic water dispenser with premium filtration system to remove impurities, hair and debris. 


Services Offered:

A) Pet Hotel/Boarding 

B) Day Care

C) Grooming & Spa

D) Pet Taxi 🚕 

E) Pet Retail


i) Boarding : RM50 – RM75 per night (depends on breed size)

ii) Day Care : RM20 – RM30 per day (depends on breed size)

iii) Hourly Care : RM3 – RM6 per hour (depend on breed size)

iv) Cat Villa Boarding : RM25 - RM45 per night

Contact Information:

- Phone Number: +60142833795 / +60173152683

- Email: [email protected]